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[ Inner Mountains, Inner Valleys ]
Inner Mountains, Inner Valleys

The acclaimed 30-minute colour docu-drama about Annapolis Valley, N.S., writer Ernest Buckler. Featuring R.H. Thompson as Ernest Buckler / the character of David from The Mountain and The Valley, the novel that opened the door for other Canadian writers to follow.


[No Harbour For War]

  The Gulf War and the Peace Movement in Canada's historic war port- Halifax.

[Fishing On The Brink]
Fishing On The Brink

Narrated by Mary Walsh of THIS HOUR HAS 22 MINUTES, this film follows a two-year period in the lives of six men and five women who sparked a province-wide protest in Nova Scotia by occupying Department of Fisheries Offices in 1996.

[Two-Way Street]
Two-Way Street
From a remote mountain village in Bolivia to an industrial town in Nova Scotia, this film follows the remarkable story of  Juan Tellez, a revolutionary activist in community development.


[Clearing The Waters]
Clearing The Waters
A story of tragedy and resistance in the wake of the fishery crisis in the coastal communities of Nova Scotia.

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